At AMJ Watch Services we offer an all-encompassing suite of watch servicing and repairs to ensure your watch needs are fully catered for, with expert guidance throughout your watch ownership journey.

From replacing a worn out strap to repairing a damaged watch, our talented team of expert in-house watchmakers take great pride in their work.  

AMJ Watch Services is a brand-accredited agent of a number of luxury watch houses, including OMEGA, Zenith, Rolex, TAG Heuer and Hublot. 


Every watch has a different story to tell and will have different requirements. Thats why here at AMJ watch services our expert watchmakers are trained to look at watches of any age, regardless of brand and type.

We are a family run business with our watch makers working here ''at the bench''. Between them we have over fifty years experience of working on watches with almost every kind of fault and complication.


A battery can run out at any time, so if your watch is battery-powered, we advise that you replace it every 12 months to two years.

Our watchmakers will replace your battery and reseal your watch, using the following three steps

1. Replace the old battery, making sure it hasn't leaked and damaged the movement.

2. Examine the general condition of the movement,

3. Check the consumption rate of the new battery.