Watch Batter Replacement

Watch battery replacement in any watch is no easy process. But rest assured at AMJ Watch Services we have the skills to bring your watch back to life. We recommend having your battery replaced every two years. It will keep your watch in optimum working order and avoid any unwanted damage to your watch due to corrosion to the movement caused by any battery leakage.

It's a hindrance when your watch comes up short on battery. As we unknowingly become dependent on our timepieces and will be sure to miss it if you are without it even for a short period.

Which is why at AMJ Watch Services we offer a same day service on all watch battery replacement. Your watch, however, might also require a reseal and pressure test.


Watch Reseal

Water-resistant watches are sealed at every entry point, including the glass, winder, frame and case back to guarantee your timepiece works underwater. Which is why your watch will require a reseal and pressure test when we have replaced your watches battery.

Pressure Testing

Our team of master watchmakers are here to give your watch the service it deserves. Our pressure testing is carried out to the specification of the manufacturer using specialised equipment in our workshop.

Hundreds if not thousands of components make up a watch. If any of these parts are faulty such as a loose seal, case or a tiny chip in the glass, it can affect the water-resistance of your watch. As the pressure of watch increases underwater, so does the risk of water damage. We will pressure test your water after a reseal to guarantee the water-resistance of your watch. We will also provide you with a full test report, guarantee and further advice on keeping your timepiece in optimum working order.